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Efficient heat transfer equipment --- plate heat exchanger(Hits:) 
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After entering the new century, plate heat exchanger products reached a mature stage, by virtue of its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection advantages, are frequently used in various industries, and to replace the original shell and tube and finned change heat, and achieved good results. The advantages of plate heat exchanger (1) heat transfer efficiency, heat loss

The best working conditions, the heat transfer coefficient can reach 6000W/m2K in the general working conditions, the heat transfer coefficient can also be about 30 ~ 4000W/m2K of shell and tube heat exchanger 3-5 times. The device itself does not exist to bypass all the formation of turbulence in the plate ripple effect through the device of the fluid can, for adequate heat transfer. Complete the process with a heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger heat transfer area is only for shell and tube, 1/3 to 1/4. Small footprint and light weight (2)

In addition to the equipment itself, the volume does not need to set aside extra maintenance and installation space. Heat exchanger used in the slab thickness is only 0.6 ~ 0.8mm. The same effect of the heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger is four-fifths less than the footprint and weight of the shell and tube heat exchanger. (3) dirt low coefficient of

Fluid between the plates violent somersault to the formation of turbulence, excellent plate design to avoid the presence of the dead zone, making the impurity is not easy to plug in the channel deposition to ensure a good effect of heat transfer. (4) maintenance, easy to clean

Heat exchanger plate clamping force of the clamping stud assembly, maintenance, cleaning, simply release the clamping stud to remove the plates washed cleaning. (5) the product is suitable for a wide range of

Equipment The maximum temperature up to 180 ℃, pressure 2.0MPa, particularly adapted to a variety of process heating, cooling, heat recovery, condensation, and food disinfection, low-grade heat recovery, has obvious economic benefits. The heat exchanger plates of various types of materials can be adapted to the requirements of conditions on the corrosion. Course, the plate heat exchanger, there are also some disadvantages, such as work pressure and temperature is not very high, limiting its use in more complex conditions. Small plate channel not suitable for the impurities, particles larger media. Three plate heat exchanger type and works

The plate heat exchanger in accordance with the assembly methods can be divided into detachable, welded, brazed, and other forms; in accordance with the ripples of heat exchanger plates can be divided into the form of a wave of the word, straight waves, spherical waves; can be divided in accordance with the gasket bonding and buckle style. Various forms of combination to meet the different needs of the working conditions, more targeted in use. For example, the same herringbone corrugated plate bonding or buckle-type gasket different snap-seals can effectively avoid the glue may contain chlorine ions on the corrosion of the plate, and equipment disassembly easier. Another example is the welded plate heat exchanger temperature pressure was significantly better than the detachable plate heat exchanger, can reach 250 ° C, 2.5MPa. Therefore, the same plate heat exchanger, because of the diversity of forms, can be applied to a wide range of areas, can be used in most of the heat exchange process.

The plate heat exchanger has many forms, but its working principle is roughly the same. The plate heat exchanger by external heat exchanger plate clamp assembly with the media to flow through the through hole on the heat exchanger plates in the surface of the plate, the plate ripple effect to the formation of intense turbulence, as if with chopsticks stirring a cup of hot water, increase heat transfer area. Hot and cold media on both sides of the heat exchanger plate flow, the turbulent formation of a large number of heat transfer surface and the plate contact, full of heat transfer through the plate, reaching the final heat exchanger. The isolation of hot and cold media, mainly through the partition gasket, or by a large number of welds to ensure that cracking in the heat exchanger plate perforated, hot and cold media are not confused.
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