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Brazed plate heat exchanger Profile(Hits:) 
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Brazed plate heat exchanger is a series of some corrugated shape of sheet metal stacked in vacuum brazing furnace welded a new high efficiency heat exchanger, plate covered with mesh point of contact between the fluid along thewith the board between the corrugated channel flow, its speed and direction are constantly changing, the formation of strong turbulence, thereby undermining the boundary layer, to reduce thermal resistance. Compared with the conventional shell and tube heat exchanger, the heat transfer coefficient in the case of the same resistance to flow or pump power consumption is much higher. Data show that the best working conditions, the water-side heat transfer coefficient can reach about 6 000 W / (m2 K), in the general working conditions, the water side heat transfer coefficient 4 000 W / (m2 K), the tube shell heat exchanger 3 to 5 times [1].

        Brazed plate heat exchanger of each corrugated mesh nodes have become the welding point, so the intensity is increased, compared with the traditional detachable plate heat exchanger, not only eliminates the need for easy-to-leakage pads and heat transfer plate greatly thinned, and the ends of the thickness of the plywood needed to reduce the heat transfer resistance. This high quality stainless steel heat exchanger price is only equivalent to the price of the same heat transfer capacity of ordinary carbon steel shell and tube heat exchanger.

        Because of these characteristics, in some areas, brazed plate heat exchanger has replaced the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger trend this preliminary study of plate heat exchanger heat transfer performance and flow resistance.
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