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Comparison of the performance of plate heat exchanger(Hits:) 
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The plate heat exchanger performance comparison:

BR detachable plate heat exchanger - heat transfer efficiency is high, the resistance is small, the use of a machine, safe and reliable use.

HBR all-welded plate heat exchangers - heat transfer efficiency, the seal does not adopt a flexible non-metallic materials, it is applied to a medium temperature ≤ 400 ° C, the pressure is 3.0Mpa workplace safe use of a long cycle and low maintenance costs easy to clean.

HBRG improved plate heat exchanger - it extended as HBR novel structure, appearance, its function in addition to HBR type the same outside, but also an increase of imports of head flange, removable and washable; effect of heat transfer, longer service life than the tube The heat exchanger is 3 times higher.

Plates and Shells plate heat exchanger in HBRK - high pressure, flow, resistance, beautiful appearance, compact, reliable, and plate the characteristics of the chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning.

HBRM type - this module combination of scientific theory, the product of these two series of HBR, HBRG, the combination of high temperature, high pressure, high thermal efficiency, long life, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

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