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Normal operation maintenance of plate heat exchanger(Hits:) 
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In addition to the overhaul in exceptional circumstances, the plate heat exchanger, but also carry out regular maintenance. Easy accessibility of the plate heat exchanger, simple maintenance, and generally do not have special tools and equipment. Using different methods according to different situations, if the device does not leak, but the heat transfer system K declined, you can not open the heat exchanger, with a closed-circuit system descaling solution into the device within the circulation for several hours can. There was no such conditions, from time to remove the plate and open the device or discovery of scaling is not too serious and direct water wash, scrub with a soft brush can be.
Normal operation maintenance of plate heat exchanger:
One in need of repair equipment, according to the order of installation retrograde disassemble the heat exchanger.
2 applications in the petroleum, chemical industry equipment, shall be maintenance cycle is regular maintenance.
3, the media within the device if it is flammable, explosive or corrosive media, at least annually should repair first.
4, plate heat exchanger used in other industries, if not leak, the best three years of maintenance time.
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