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The plate heat exchangers should pay attention to what issues(Hits:) 
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The plate heat exchangers should pay attention to the following questions:

A plate heat exchanger plate choice
Plate type or corrugated should be based on the actual needs of the heat exchanger occasions. Allows flow pressure drop should be used in small resistance plate, on the contrary choose the resistance plate. Fluid pressure and temperature to determine the detachable, or brazed. When determining the type of board should not choose veneer, small size plate to avoid an excessive number of plates, the flow rate is too small cubicle, low heat transfer coefficient, a larger heat exchanger should pay attention to this issue.

Two processes and the choice of the flow
The process refers to the same flow direction of the plate heat exchanger within a medium of a set of parallel flow channel, while the runner plate heat exchanger, the media flow path consisting of two adjacent plates. Under normal circumstances, a number of flow channels in parallel or series of charges that are connected together to form different combinations of cold and hot media channels.
Process combinations should be calculated based on heat transfer and fluid resistance, determined to meet the requirements of process conditions. Try to keep the cold, the hot water flow inside the convective heat transfer coefficient equal or close to, to get the best effect of heat transfer. Because the heat transfer coefficient on both sides of the heat transfer surface convective heat transfer coefficient equal or close to a larger value. Although each plate of the plate heat exchanger flow rate range, the calculation of heat transfer and fluid resistance is still an average flow rate is calculated. The "U" shaped single process to take over all fixed in the pressed board, and easy disassembly.

Third, the pressure drop check
So that the plate heat exchanger design and selection generally have certain requirements on pressure drop, so should carry out the check. If you check the pressure drop exceeds the allowable pressure drop, need to re-design selection calculation, until you meet the technical requirements.
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