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Cleaning and protection of the plate heat exchanger plate(Hits:) 
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Keep the plate clean is an important condition to maintain the high heat transfer coefficient of the plate heat exchanger. Between the plates, the medium is movement along the narrow and tortuous flow channel, even if not too thick scale layer will also cause changes in the flow channel, and significantly affect the movement of fluid, so that the pressure drop increases, the heat transfer coefficient decline, such as a sugar refinery in the heating plate heat exchanger, the secondary water is no good treatment, the process of using only two months will flow blockage, can not continue to run.
A mechanical (physical) cleaning method This method is the plate manually scrubbing with a brush to achieve the clear purpose of the dirt on the surface of the plate. Although this method is relatively straightforward, but the hard, thick layer of dirt and difficult to clean.
2, the chemical cleaning method of this method is a chemical solution circulating through the heat exchanger, plate surface of the dirt dissolve, discharge. This method does not need to disassemble the heat exchanger, to simplify the cleaning process, but also reduce the degree of cleaning labor. Corrugated plates can promote the violent turbulence of the cleaning fluid, the dissolution of the fouling layer, the chemical cleaning method is an ideal way.
3, method of cleaning the dirt layer is relatively hard and thick, simply one of the above methods are difficult to clean. The synthesis method is to use chemical cleaning method to soften the dirt layer, and then mechanical (physical) cleaning to remove dirt layers to keep the plate clean.
4, when the cleaning Note
(1) chemical cleaning solution you want to maintain a certain flow rate, typically 0.8 to 1.2m / s. Its purpose in the solution with the increase in the degree of turbulence.
② should be used for different dirt different chemical cleaning fluid. In addition to the often used in dilute soda ash solution for the scale with 5% nitric acid solution. Dirt generated in the production of soda ash can be used 5% hydrochloric acid solution. But may not use the lotion of the chemical corrosion of the plate.
③ mechanical (physical) not allowed to use a carbon steel brush cleaning scrub stainless steel sheet, so as not to accelerate the corrosion of the plate. Can not make the plate surface scratches, deformation.
④ cleaning the plate with fresh water rinse and dry, should be placed to prevent plate deformation.
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