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Characteristics and replacement of the plate heat exchanger gaskets(Hits:) 
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Different temperature, pressure and corrosion resistance requirements for different media and technology, expanding plate heat exchanger applications. To a bell "universal" gasket to adapt to all the circumstances, it is obviously impossible, but should be for different situations using different materials of the gasket. Gasket cross-section shape of a six-line. Common gasket types of natural rubber, neoprene, EPDM, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, asbestos fiberboard. Plate heat exchanger gaskets in the use of the event of leakage, rupture, aging, should be promptly replaced.
Replacement should be in the following order.
① Remove the used pads. Attention to the demolition, no gasket tank scratches.
② with acetone, methyl ethyl ketone or ketone solvents to remove adhesive residue on the gasket slot.
③ with a clean cloth or cotton to Sassafras net gasket groove and gasket.
4 adhesive evenly on the gasket slot.
The ⑤ clean new gasket attached to the board.
(6) posted a good gasket plate on a flat, cool, well ventilated place naturally dry before installation.
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