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The plate heat exchangers in China(Hits:) 
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The plate heat exchanger is a compact and efficient heat transfer equipment, its application is related to almost all industrial areas, and its type, structure and use are still evolving. In recent years, the welded plate heat exchangers, compact, light weight, good cooling performance and low running costs superiority has increasingly been recognized.
With the development of China's economy, the future development of refrigeration technology is great, especially the kinds of large industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning refrigeration equipment, for a variety of cooling plate heat exchanger provides a broad city. At present, China has a better frame research, production base, it is recommended as soon as possible the research and development of the cooling plate heat exchanger. The one hand, to expand the application scope and scale of production of plate heat exchanger, the other hand, can improve the performance of the cooling device, saving heat exchanger equipment investment, to promote the development of refrigeration technology.
Refrigerant evaporates in the cooling plate heat exchanger, it is easy to achieve complete evaporation of liquid extent, so in most cases, refrigeration systems do not have to set the gas-liquid separator. And easily achieve a modular, easy to install, maintenance and transportation can be cost savings and reduce costs. Compared with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, cooling plate heat exchanger has a very clear advantage.
Since the 1970s, refrigeration equipment, has become increasingly attention has been paid, especially in many developed countries, such as Europe, America, Japan, Australia and so attaches great importance to the research and application of the cooling plate heat exchanger. In the early 1980s, Japan began to study the cooling plate heat exchanger and refrigeration equipment, has received good economic. Some famous refrigeration company in the world, such as York, Carrier, Chuan En, Hitachi, Maekawa, etc. have also used in refrigeration equipment plate heat exchanger the brazed plate heat exchanger due to the purity steel for solder mainly used in the freon refrigeration system, you can not have a corrosive effect on copper ammonia cooling system.
Into the 1990s, the cooling plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger further development, one can be used in ammonia refrigeration systems successfully developed in Sweden Stael. This new modular plate heat exchanger (WPHE) combines the characteristics of plate and frame (PHE) and brazing (CBE) in the ammonia side welded seal, still in the refrigerant side, the gasket seal. Compared with the freon refrigeration system, ammonia refrigeration system using this plate heat exchanger, not only in the unit materials, volume weight, has an obvious advantage, but the coefficient of performance should be higher 10% to 20%. At present, this system has been formed 8 products, cooling capacity from 10kw to 1000kw. Ammonia with the development of the plate heat exchanger, not only broaden the range of plate heat exchangers in refrigeration technology, but also of great significance to protect the atmospheric ozone layer, protecting the environment, but also will promote the further development of refrigeration technology.
Since the early 1960s, China began to produce plate heat exchanger 1994, plate heat exchanger manufacturers designated energy-saving products up to 15, and some manufacturers plate evaporator heat transfer characteristics research work. However, these manufacturers also limited to the production of plate and frame heat exchanger (DHE). In China, the cooling plate heat exchanger is still in its infancy, many refrigeration manufacturers, in their own products using plate heat exchangers for refrigeration. The SWZP refrigeration, such as the air-water heat pump unit developed in 1994 by the Shanghai air-conditioned train yard with plate heat exchanger. One put into operation by the users of all ages, the plant this product as a leader output value reached 70 billion in 1995 . It can be expected, with the knowledge and understanding of the cooling plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger with its highly efficient heat transfer, compact, energy and materials and with environmental features and characteristics will be more widely used in refrigeration device.
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