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The role of the welded plate heat exchanger to connect thermodynamic response(Hits:) 
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Traditional bulk plate heat exchanger (detachable plate heat exchanger), because of the limitations of the structure, using the pressure of not more than 2.5MPa, the use of temperature does not exceed 250 ° C, the largest assembly area of 2000m 3, there are also rubber sealpad defects tend to fail at high temperatures, as well as in certain media have been unable to be resolved. Therefore, in order to improve the use of plate heat exchanger temperature and pressure, to expand the scope of its home and abroad continue to develop, manufacture and use a variety of welded plate heat exchanger. These welded plate heat exchanger has been increasingly used in chemical, petroleum, power, metallurgy and other fields of heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation and heat recovery process.

We all know the more thin steel plate, heat transfer, the better, but the steel plate manufacturing process is too thin will cause great difficulties, especially in welding. Sheet butt weld is easy to burn can not be forming. All-welded plate heat exchanger which there is such a problem. The 0Cr18Ni9 the steel plate end plate of the tube side of δ = 20mm all-welded plate heat exchanger, heat exchanger plates of plate thickness is only 0.4-1.0mm, the parent material of the tube side of the end plate welding the heating temperature reaches the melting point, the heat transfer plate has melted a large, simply can not be welded. If the heat transfer plate thicker plate thickness (such as changed to 1.2mm), these difficulties does not exist, but in order to get a good heat transfer effect, decided not to change the plate thickness, but in the end plate and the plate of the tube side beam in between the solder layer of δ = 3-4mm wing side of the plate beam connections at the actual shape of the manufacture of the connecting plate to solve the above problems. The connecting plate is necessary to plate beam welding but also with the tube side of the end plate welding, resulting in large thermal deformation to bring a lot of trouble to design and manufacturing work, so the connecting plate thermal stress analysis is particularly important.

ANSYS software coupled calculation of the temperature and stress fields of the connecting plate to improve the calculation accuracy and calculation results can be used as the connecting plate design and calculation of the theoretical basis for this method of calculation and in engineering practice can be widely used.
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