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The plate heat exchanger for the characteristics of small and medium-sized blast furnace(Hits:) 
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The plate heat exchanger is a corrugated plate heat transfer surface for the new, highly efficient heat exchanger has the following characteristics:

(1) heat transfer coefficient. Corrugated plates with each other upside down, the formation of network contacts in the flow channel cross changes in the flow channel, fluid changing direction, can achieve the turbulence in the critical Reynolds number of about 200, so that the membrane conductivity is greatly improved and enhanced pass heat.

(2) small size, small footprint, light weight, and particularly applies to situations where space is limited. The plate heat exchanger is compact, small size, covers an area of ??Han column tube heat exchanger l / 5 ~ 1/10.

(3), flexible assembly and disassembly is easy to clean.

Type of plate heat exchangers: Due to the small and medium-sized blast furnace cooling water softener system is characterized by a large flow, temperature, which determines the structural characteristics of the plate heat exchanger, ie, aspect ratio is large as the chunky type. Such a structure, both to ensure good heat transfer effect, and also allows to minimize the pressure loss.
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