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Should pay attention to the problem of the plate heat exchanger as a central air-conditioning heat and cold sources(Hits:) 
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Air-cooled heat pump chiller as central air-conditioning heat and cold sources its high utilization of equipment, a machine winter and dual-use, eliminating the need for a water-cooled chillers required for cooling water system and heating boilers, water and energy saving and environmental protection have a positive meaning, as well as easy installation, can be placed on the roof, does not account for the characteristics of the gross floor area, in recent years has been widely used in the Yangtze River and the Yangtze River in Southern.

Type of small villa-style and modular air-cooled heat pump chiller water side heat exchanger: tube type, plate and vertical coil.

Refrigerant ---- water heat exchanger in the heat pump type water chiller using the internal thread of the corrugated tube.

A variety of water-side heat exchanger to have their own characteristics, the casing and the vertical plate and tube heat exchanger, to pay attention to solve the main problem in the design and manufacture of plate heat exchanger should also enable users to understand their characteristics attention to water quality problems. The water side heat exchanger effective frost protection.

Small air-cooled heat pump water heaters with a faction in the expansion valve, refrigeration, heating to the four-way valve control, also useful for capillary doing heating auxiliary throttle, medium and large units due to the cooling and heating conditions refrigerant circulation rate changes, required two or more of the thermal expansion valve to meet the conditions required in the liquid pipeline resistance occasions, such as sub-fluid head resistance, we should note that due to increase the empty volume of the corresponding expansion valve, in order to avoid for inadequate fluid situation.

The manufacturer of air-cooled heat pump should be noted that the application of electronic expansion valve. Characteristics of electronic expansion valve, it can control the suction pressure and superheat of the loop to control the refrigerant cycle, to more effectively adapt to changes in load than the thermal expansion valve, and the unit part load performance is improved. Defrost cycle, the electronic expansion valve in a timely manner to achieve the opening of the defrost required to improve the performance of the unit defrost.

The small villa-style modular units closed reciprocating compressor or hermetic scroll compressor. The overall unit is generally semi-enclosed reciprocating compressors or semi-hermetic screw compressors. Currently using more hermetic compressor is a reciprocating compressor. Villa units and modular units use hermetic scroll compressor, scroll compressor in all aspects of performance are superior to the reciprocating compressor, scroll compressor parts, energy efficiency, wet compression is not sensitive to to a high compression ratio can be sprayed liquid cooling, compared with the reciprocating compressor due to its leak is small, it demonstrated clearance volume, loss of flow, pressure ratio of the heat pump operation may still have higher Dacron volumetric efficiency, this machine type should be used for the heat pump operation, will become the reciprocating compressors in the range of alternative models. For the whole unit, semi-hermetic screw compressor performance superior to reciprocating compressors. Summer cooling operation SEER higher than the reciprocating compressor 6-8%, the winter run heating coefficient of performance increased by 12-13% than the reciprocating compressor. Cold, poor working conditions in areas to use the screw compressor is appropriate.
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