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What is the difference between the plate heat exchangers and tube heat exchanger(Hits:) 
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Pipe heat exchanger for small and medium-sized cold water (heat pump) unit design and manufacture of special products. Widely used in the water loop heat pump units, water, cold water (heat pump) units, air-source cold water (heat pump) units, ground source cold water (heat pump), and other refrigeration equipment.

The plate heat exchangers are highly efficient heat transfer equipment. There are two in the practical application of a spinning method of manufacturing umbrella plate heat exchanger, and a stamping method of manufacturing plate heat exchanger, its structural features are as follows:

1, the small size of plate heat exchanger, less area.
The plate heat exchanger area of ??about 30% of the same heat transfer capacity of heat exchanger tube, compared with the sprinkling exhaust pipe cooler superior.

2, plate heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency.
The plate heat exchanger, make two heat exchange fluid at a lower flow rate, the enhanced disturbance stirred turbulence, which enhanced heat transfer, heat transfer coefficient K up 16720J / (m2? H? ° C) (water for water ), 2 to 4 times higher compared to the heat exchanger tube.

3, the flexible plate heat exchanger assembly.
Changes in process conditions and yield production, as long as the plate heat exchanger increase or decrease the number of plates or change the channel in the form of plate assembly process can meet the requirements.

4, plate heat exchanger, heat loss is small.
The plate heat exchanger is just around the slab edge exposed to the atmosphere, so only 1% of the heat loss, without the use of the insulation layer.

5, low metal consumption of the plate heat exchanger.
Plate heat exchanger made of stainless steel or titanium to suppress the heat transfer film, sealing pads, clamping bolt and pressing plate the whole framework of component parts. Consumption per square meter of plate heat exchanger plate metal is around 8kg, the same parameters of the spiral plate heat exchanger is about 20kg, shell and tube heat exchanger more.

6, the plate heat exchanger disassembly, cleaning, easy maintenance.
Loosen the clamp nut can be cleaned to maintain, replace the pads or plates. For easy scaling of the media, on the one hand, because of the intense turbulence of the medium in the plate heat exchanger, its turbulence critical Reynolds number is generally included in the tubular heat exchanger is about 10 times lower, and thus difficult to scale.
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