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Plate heat exchanger in the people's livelihood(Hits:) 
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The plate heat exchanger in the people's livelihood:
1: central heating
The plate heat exchanger should be compact, easy operation and maintenance, heat transfer and high efficiency, has become the preferred heat exchanger for heat transfer stations in the city central heating projects, applicable to water - water heat exchanger system, the steam - water heat exchanger system and domestic hot water supply system, a reasonable distribution of heat to raise the level of thermal management play an important role.
2: The air conditioning system
The plate heat exchangers are widely used in air-conditioning systems, chilled water heat exchanger, install plate heat exchanger can play the role of the condenser to prevent equipment corrosion or blockage in the cooling tower and condenser near the condenser, and can transition season chiller run time savings.
3: the pressure of the high-rise buildings blocking
Often in high-rise buildings, HVAC systems for the heat transfer medium such as water, ethylene glycol has a very high static pressure, the use of plate heat exchanger blocker as pressure can be higher static pressure is decomposed into several small pressure, thereby reducing the pressure on the pumps, valves, water chiller equipment requirements, saving equipment investment costs and operating costs.
4: Waste Heat Recovery
In various areas on a daily basis are a lot of heat with the waste heat medium (such as emissions from domestic hot water, bath water, process cooling water, etc.) and discharged into the surrounding atmosphere, causing a huge waste of energy. plate heat exchanger, low investment costs, high thermal efficiency, the temperature difference between hot and cold media that require very low waste heat recovery converted secondary to the use of heat, and used to preheat conditions. Have good social and economic benefits.
5: The ice storage system
The plate heat exchangers, ice harvesting systems on the grid play a regulatory role of the load shifting. Namely the use of refrigeration chillers at night, the ice in the ice storage tank to meet the needs of the next day cold, and reduce air conditioning peak load, in order to effectively save energy, save operating costs.
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