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Why do some of the sugar mills plate type heat exchange well(Hits:) 
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The plate heat exchanger is a new and efficient equipment, and is now in all walks of life (such as the application of chemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, and ships, as well as foreign beet sugar factory, etc.) is very common. But in the cane sugar factory also used very little. Some sugar mills to repurchase such equipment used, the use of disabled soon. There is the reason?
    The plate heat exchanger has many advantages, the main drawback is cleaning more difficult. Therefore, it is not very suitable for heating the mixed juice. Juice should be used for heating is feasible. However, there are several cane sugar mills use it to heat the juice is also a problem, because there?
    The investigation of these sugar mills, the reason there are commonalities, there are special; are design, but also part of the operating management. Mainly:
    1, inappropriate use of the heat source, using the waste steam, waste steam cooling did not control the waste steam of high temperature equipment gasket is aging rapidly and harden, resulting in leakage. In addition, the sugar refinery of a carbonate method with third-efficient juice steam heating the juice of two carbon, ordinary heater no problem, but not enough to use the channel area of ??the plate heat exchanger due to steam, the inlet volume is too small, as well as the heating temperature is far from meet the requirements.
    Evaporation tank into the juice valve mounted on the back of the plate heat exchanger rapidly off the valve of the small into the juice in the evaporator tank, the pressure within the heat exchanger is abrupt and sharp rise even have a "water hammer" caused by the gasket leak or even damage.
    3 are not familiar with the characteristics of the plate heat exchanger and the correct use and maintenance methods. The sugar refinery personnel on the equipment used to it extensive treatment, such as extended wrench on the bolt, if it is not tight enough again to split a long tube. In treated this way, the gasket over crushed, will damage the glass peak of the plate corrugated plate heat exchanger gasket leak, damaged at the easy perforation to scrap. Some sugar mills stop virgin disintegration after casually stacked plates, plate deformation, can not be reused.
    4, the quality of the factory provided gasket is not good enough, easy to aging, the replacement of the troubles. Some devices each disintegration should replace part of the gasket, and increased costs.
    According to the survey, operation and maintenance of these sugar mills do not know the characteristics and operations management, management and technical departments of the plate heat exchanger not have any special requirements. Some equipment manufacturers also provide the necessary manual, and some sugar refinery personnel did not carefully read the instructions, which inevitably arise.
    Purchase and plate heat exchanger unit must understand the characteristics of this device, and the basic method of calculation, not only raised the number of square meter of heated area. Because of the high heat transfer performance of plate heat exchanger, the required heating area is generally under the same conditions of ordinary heater 1/3 to 1/2, but the limited area of ??the material channel, the channel of the two fluids must be re-counted area, especially in the juice of the use of low pressure steam as heat source, but also pay attention to this issue. At the same time to understand the clear heat resistance and durability of the gasket. Must be careful to select the appropriate product, otherwise it does not play its role
    Can also see from this issue, the majority of sugar mills enough new technical knowledge to understand very considerable number of backward than other industries. We should face this situation, vigorously taking measures to change the backwardness.
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