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In many applications, plate heat exchanger to gradually replace the shell and tube heat exchanger(Hits:) 
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⑴ in many processes, the temperature difference between the end of the two fluids is only 1 ° C or more, such as district cooling systems, ice storage glycol heat exchanger systems, seawater cooling systems and sewage use of heat pump systems, etc. The past, using shell and tube heat exchanger volume, weight, large size, poor economic performance. Recently Suzhou Pacific heat exchanger production the BRH type plate heat exchanger plate is corrugated light (wave depth is about 2 ~ 2.5mm), light-density corrugated board, the heat transfer coefficient of about 7000w / (m2? K), hard board NTU up to 5 to 8. These process the high NTU plate heat exchanger can not only replace the shell and tube heat exchanger, and the plate heat exchanger NTU high, so the required heat transfer area is small, small footprint, economic The effectiveness is also very obvious.
⑵ heat pump evaporator and condenser of the unit. The heat pump is widely used in air conditioning systems and heat recovery systems for critical devices, these applications place on the heat pump to the following requirements: light weight, small size (assembly technology), good pressure resistance, good low temperature performance and high sealing properties. Shell and tube heat exchanger used in the past is difficult to meet those requirements. Suzhou Pacific heat exchanger QH brazed plate heat exchanger can not only save the space of the heat pump can reduce the cost of refrigerants and refrigerant leakage, so a lot of heat pump units use it as an evaporator and condenser . In addition to using them as energy-saving and oil cooler. Absorption chillers also use it as the solution heat exchanger.
(3) In the paper, food, alcohol, evaporation and concentration process, due to the side of the process containing fibers, particles, or high viscosity media, so the requirements of the circulation section of the large channel. The shortcomings of the past but to use the shell and tube heat exchanger, but frequent cleaning and difficult to clean clogged after, prompting the industry to develop a new type of heat exchanger. Suzhou Pacific heat exchanger production of all-welded plate heat exchanger and a detachable type of KNB, KBB type plate heat exchanger the plate equivalent diameter of about 28mm, suitable for fluids containing fibers, particles. Has been widely used in the above process, including black liquor concentration device has become stereotyped products.
(4) oil refining industry of catalytic reforming unit, shell heat exchanger used in the heat recovery gas thermoelectric Cooling Supply, all-welded plate air preheaters, and all-welded plate province, etc., have been largely replaced the tube shell heat exchanger.
⑸ in industrial sulfuric acid, alkali industry, oil refining industry in the cooling process, the plate cooler has been replaced by a shell and tube heat exchanger.
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